Putting social connection at the heart of practice and policy

Social policy focuses on providing services to individuals. This approach is limited in effectiveness and unsustainable. It’s also disconnected from how people live their lives.

In the real world, social connection is key to alleviating suffering and living well.

Ratio is a research and consulting organisation focused on how social connection helps individuals and communities, and what that means for practice and policy.

What we do

Our research and consultancy is in four areas


What is one-to-one help when the solution is connecting people, not fixing them?

Relational Communities

How do you create contexts that encourage people to come together to enhance their health, development and collective agency?

Social Policy

How can policies be designed to create the context for social connection?


How can we measure relationships and encourage people to use that learning to change how we all see the world?


We publish regular writing on Substack reflecting on thoughts and current findings in our research and reporting in the relational space.


Every fortnight Ratio Talks invites citizens, scientists and innovators to reflect on the role of relationships in health and development.