• Connection, Trust, and Belonging in Communities

    Connection, Trust, and Belonging in Communities

    A measure that analyses levels of connection, trust, and belonging in groups of people, and feeds that information back to them to encourage reflection…

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  • Give a Day

    A mechanism to encourage pure* civil society activity in communities, towns, and cities

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  • Problem Solving Booth

    Problem Solving Booths

    A mechanism to give strangers in public spaces permission to connect, increasing the chance for mutual aid and fresh perspective on one’s situation

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  • Feedback Loop

    Feedback Loop

    A mechanism for people* to come together, collect and use data** to reflect on how they live and act.

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  • Feedback Loop for Pregnant Women

    Feedback loop for pregnant women

    A method for local women volunteers to provide women in difficult situations with feedback on the quality of interaction with their babies

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